We are modern tools
for Popularity Monitoring

Popularity Monitoring

We have system for list the news that mention you

Analyze Sentiment

We can analyze sentiment from the news deeply


We can report point of awareness, suggestion and conclussion
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We are modern &
special for

Forecast what the trending in online media. Forecast what the hot topic will. Handle the bad news and grow up popularity







We have a great System
and team for Analyze and Research

Total Data

Popular News Spot

Unique News

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Media Popular
in Alexa

Sentiment Analyze


Easy ways to get ready
with popularity monitoring

Contact Us

You can ask ratecard and detail information about us directly

Consult with us

You can inform us the keyword that you will monitor. it can name of figure, group, product, issue, object, institution and many more

Place Order

We will calculate the price base on keyword. Every keyword can have different price depend on popularity.

Do payment

You can do a payment and we will start monitor your keyword. Base on package that you order you can have access for login or you can entrust to our team for give analyze or research result.

1. Application Access

  • Popularitas Monitoring
  • AI. Sentiment Analyze
  • Index Monitoring
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Tags Monitoring
  • Search Engine Popular News
  • Get update feature/ bugs fix life time

2. Analyze Staff

  • Sentiment Analyze Advance
  • Notes For Each News
  • Weekly Report
  • Raw Data Report

3. Research Staff

  • Monthly Report
  • Daily Point Awareness Report
  • Daily Suggestion Base on Data
  • Conclusion for Report

We apply
"Work From Anywhere" culture

We are Team in Indonesia under
PT. Jafmo Multilateral Indonesia

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